STEP Skills Development Foundation (SSDF) has been established with the aim to create and explore all possible channels and resources for education and employment in the country by focusing on Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality , Vocaional Education & Training, Cultural Preservation, Environment & Sustainability and TVET Consultancy .

Our Vision

“To contribute in poverty alleviation efforts by means of providing opportunities and competencies that help in economic and social development.”

Our Values

  • Respect is Earned
  • Trust is Gained
  • Loyalty is Returned
  • Honesty is Appreciated

Main Objective

Main objective of STEP Skills Development Foundation (SSDF) is to enhance the competence level of individuals and organizations in meeting industrial requirement by providing economic wellbeing of individuals (youth & women) through trainings in different fields and facilitating placement of skilled workforce in industry for on-job training, internships, apprenticeships and jobs and Promoting TVET in Pakistan.

Objectives of STEP Skills Development Foundation are:

  • To provide technical & vocational education and training through formal and non-formal education for minorities, women and youth
  • To contribute in women empowerment by developing skills and capacity building of rural / less privileged women and to support mechanism for their income generating activities
  • To enhance the competence level of individuals and organizations in meeting industrial requirement and recognized competencies through counseling, training, consultancy, collaborations and joint efforts
  • To setup vocational training literacy centers for adults specially women, minorities and youth
  • To support deserving and talented students including women, minorities and youth by assisting and recommending them for academic scholarships and bursaries
  • To facilitate training and placement of skilled workforce in industry by on-job trainings, internships, apprenticeships, industry focused & linked trainings and jobs
  • To advocate socio-psychological needs of the youth (regardless of their social status, physical & mental abilities) to opt for different career pathways
  • To work for environment awareness and to launch campaigns to promote protection for sustainable environment
  • To develop and promote cultural activities and products for enhancing economic opportunities for crafts persons and indigenous communities
  • To act as cultural activist for supporting and promoting the culture of regional, ethnic and indigenous communities
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