Consultancy for TVET & Corporate

SSDF aims at working on poverty alleviation in order to develop a sustainable environment and society. With an emphasis on upgrading the technical and vocational skills through education & training, SSDF continues to act as a strong Pro- TVET voice in the country. With an experience of more than 15 years, it enjoys the pioneer status to work progressively in the TVET sector of Pakistan. Not only the SSDF network is engaged in offering TVET courses and training but also in providing the expertise to key stakeholders at national level for improvement in TVET standards and policies to uplift the society as a whole.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training is education and training that provides knowledge and skills for employment. It uses formal, non-formal and informal learning ways and is recognised to be a crucial vehicle for social equity, inclusion and sustainable development.

Narrowing the skills gap:

Having worked with clients in government and industry for over a decade, we find it vitally important and critical to identify the demanded skills requirements and analysing the difference that is exhibited in institutional training. This understanding and clarity has helped us developing and executing viable solutions in meeting our objectives.

The goal of the TVET system is to prepare workers to easily enter the labour market. In order to assure quality in TVET and a demand-driven TVET system , it is necessary to involve the private sector in each of the components of TVET. Contrary to the standard global realization, Pakistan is still not fully adhering to these and the consequence is the current state of highly supply driven TVET in Pakistan with most training subjects defined with little or no consultation on the needs of the labour market. There are ways to change the supply-driven to demand-driven through:

  • Understanding the needs of the private and public sector (businesses and entrepreneurs)
  • Involving the private and public sector in designing the curricula so that there is more balance between theory and practice , and
  • The curricula content and learning outcomes are closer to the needs of the labour market

At SSDF, we tend to gain a holistic picture of TVET in Pakistan and we are performing multiple roles to assist and support the TVET landscape in country. From training provider institute to TOT facilitator we executed multiple training sessions for public and private sector organisations, training centres, facilitating and governing agencies.

National Vocational Qualification Framework:

Pakistan National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) was launched in March 2015 after series of consultations with all TVET stakeholders. It facilitated in introducing competency-based courses in TVET institutions, which were developed by NAVTTC under the TVET Sector Support Program (SSP) in collaboration with European Union, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Royal Norwegian Embassy. The program was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and was implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ) GmbH in close collaboration with NAVTTC. We feel extremely proud of our humble contribution and services rendered through our staff participation in various stages of TVET development in Pakistan. .

The Curriculum as a Foundation for Vocational Teaching and Learning:

SSDF has always partnered with initiative in development of curriculum. Curriculum Development can be defined as the systematic planning of what is taught and learned in institute’s as reflected in courses of study and institution programmes. The development of curricula and their implementation is one of the key competences of teachers in the area of educational planning and practical training for technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions and training companies. It also plays a central role in the preparation of vocational school-teachers. Our active involvement and participation in the various stages from DACUM to competency standards and assessment packages for numerous qualifications have given us a deep insight into the vocational development at national level. .

Trainer for TVET and Corporate:

The key staff at SSDF have been providing training and consultancy on two major aspects. One is the training for improvement, modification, awareness for TVET Reforms in Pakistan. Second, is the training for Corporate management and development.

The hallmark of knowledge and wisdom we acquire at SSDF has evolved from various international standardization and professional development training from the Australia Awards (by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade), Colombo Plan Staff College (an inter governmental prestigious organization in the Philippines), Pearson (Edexcel) UK, and City & Guilds UK.

We have been providing consultancy to the leading TVET facilitating bodies in Pakistan including the following for over five years.

  • GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
  • National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC)
  • Punjab Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA)

TVET Training:

STEP Skills Development Foundation (SSDF) have been providing training for improvement, modification and awareness for TVET Reforms in Pakistan. SSDF fulfills the role of training & modification by working collaboratively with organizations including GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), National and Vocational Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) & Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), by participating in trainings for Development of Dacum, Competency Standards, Curriculum, Teaching Learning Material (TLM) & Assessment package. TVET awareness is being created by conducting Training of Teachers, Training of Principals and Training of Staff from all over Pakistan. .

Corporate Training:

The HCD rationale of TRAININGS @SSDF:
STEP Skills Development Foundation (SSDF) is committed to act as a conduit to facilitate the transfer of skills and technology of human capital capabilities to enhance the growth of individual human capital development (HCD) practitioners, corporations and our community networks. SSDF fulfills this role through community of practice in different HCD domains, offering professional development opportunities and networking activities.

In our journey of bringing growth to the HCD community, SSDF pushes boundaries by using competencies, technologies, best practices and knowledge to achieve thought leadership in the field of learning across generations and meeting the diverse needs of the learning community.

SSDF partners with professionals to provide solutions to organizations in the areas of Change Management, Organization Development, Employee Engagement, Cultural Change, Leadership Development, Professional Certification (international if requested), Coaching and Mentoring, and Team Innovation.

Over Services:

SSDF can work with you to develop effective training solutions for your organisation. We possess an experience of two decades that can help enhancing the competencies in your organization and recommend the most effective training and non-training solutions. Our learning and development exposure and collaborations originates and continue to evolve from prestigious training and development bodies, including Pearson UK, City & Guilds UK, Xanity Skillbase UK, British Council Pakistan, GIZ, and the Australia Awards Pakistan.

Our training solutions are specially customised to:

  • Achieve spot on analyses
  • Improve organisational productivity through training
  • Develop employees to attain talent retention
  • Develop leaders to drive mission alignment
  • Support continuing professional development of managers and team members
  • Increase employee motivation

SSDF provides you with the full range of training administration services with options for your training delivery venue: on site at client premise or hotels and resorts either local or overseas

why trust us?

From serving Multinational corporations & UK based companies to non-profit organisations in Pakistan, we dedicate our resources to ensure that the most precise solutions, mixed with experiential learning best practices, are made available for your organisation. SSDF is committed to progress together with the companies and facilitators we work with.