Environment Sustainability

Introduction to Environment sustainability 

At SSDF, our mission involves conducting impactful training workshops to raise awareness about environmental sustainability. It aims to promote responsible practices, with a specific focus on recycling techniques. We commit to safeguard the environment for future generations. Furthermore, SSDF optimizes public perception and knowledge regarding sustainable habits, including properly recycling paper products. Consequently, our goal is to address environmental challenges, integrate ethical considerations, and drive positive economic and energy-related change. We strive to protect our natural surroundings and effect positive change. Furthermore, we recognize that the challenges and problems of our environmental sustainability are not isolated issues. It encompasses a complex interplay of economic development, ethical considerations, and energy consumption. Through these workshops, we empower individuals to become promoters of environmentalism. Also to become active participants in creating a more sustainable world.

Promoting Recycling for Environment Sustainability

The awareness campaign on recycling has been running for several years, with a focus on environment sustainability. Also, we have trained a team of 12 to 24 volunteers dedicated to environmentalism. They visit schools in Lahore to conduct recycling workshops with school children in grades 8, 9, and 10. We teach and train students at these schools to create recycled products. It includes key rings, couch cushions, table mats, resting pillows, and converting towels into plant pots.

These activities, involving a variable set of creators and critics, play an essential role in addressing environmental problems. Moreover, it contributes to the well-being, economic vitality, and cultural improvement of a community. At SSDF, we take pride in providing an appropriate platform to all partners. We engage them in collaborative work that showcases our rich and fascinating artistic abilities while sticking to environmental ethics.

Social Welfare Awareness and Environment Sustainability

Over the last decade, SSDF has conducted activities, seminars, exhibitions, and promotional campaigns. The core aim of it was to induce a realization of the importance of giving back to the community. Also to work for welfare and environmental development and sustainability. The range of activities and events varies, including bi-annual blood donation camps in collaboration with the Sundas Foundation Pakistan. It includes raising awareness for Thalassemia patients as well as addressing environmental challenges. SSDF believes in and actively works to create a well-informed generation about fundamental human rights. It takes progressive initiatives to advance humanity. This foundation collaborated with various organizations on issues, including the Pink Ribbon campaign for Breast Cancer awareness. Furthermore, organizing the painting exhibitions to raise awareness for HIV patients.

Campaigns for social welfare

Next in line comes the widely spreading heart disease in the country. Likewise, a significant portion of the population of both genders appears to be suffering due to heart disease. Moreover, SSDF took the initiative in association with Shalimar Hospital. They arrange open houses and seminars, inviting people from different age groups. Hence, raising awareness about Heart Diseases, their causes, symptoms, and preventive measures. Also, they addressed both the economic environment and environmental change with their sister organizations Step IADM and Melange.

We believe in playing an active role in environmental sustainability that benefits us and future generations. Because every small step we take to protect our natural environment and our planet makes a difference. SSDF is responsible for taking accurate steps to actively participate in every healthy task as members of the community. Therefore, it aids in the protection of the environment. This foundation has partnered with organizations like WWF Pakistan and Waste Busters to organize Green Days. It has also partnered with Earth Hours, and International Environment Days, highlighting the significance of environmental issues.

We introduced Organic colors and fabrics for Textile design and Fashion design members. These artists work on emphasizing energy and environmental concerns. These artists showcased their collections in Tajikistan and received appreciation for their contribution to environmental change. 

Green Pakistan

We live in a time where the term ‘global warming’ is not unfamiliar. Moreover, we plant trees for environmental sustainability and promote the importance of planting. In this way, breathing cleaner air is the need of the hour. Given Pakistan’s population growth and infrastructure development, this field requires significant attention to balance the economic environment and environmental challenges. The other aspect of Green Pakistan is also to conduct future activities. SSDF takes account of the preservation and conservation of current natural resources. Hence, these activities contributes in environmental sustainability.

The local community warmly embraced the initiative to plant 5000 trees, aligning with efforts to protect the environment. Also, we launch the campaign at SOS Village for Children. It will continue after the monsoon period, contributing to environment sustainability and development. The team at SSDF has generously donated. With the help of volunteers and organizations like Kalam Kaar, the campaign is in full swing. It works on a self-help basis to promote environmentalism. Hence, we pledge to continue the campaign until 2020, contributing to a more sustainable environment.

SSDF also offers programs such as youth employment and entrepreneurship, gender equality, culture preservation, etc.