Environment Sustainability

We work on conducting training workshops to create awareness about environment, especially to incorporate the use and techniques of recycling products and their benefits. SSDF is keen at attaining a sustainable future for our generation to come. As part of our advocacy and awareness we optimize public perception and information on general habits of people. Paper product should not be wasted and any dominants should not be declared in trash rather it should be treated for recycle procedure.

Promoting Recycling:

The awareness campaign on Recycling has been in the run for several years now. A team of 12 to 24 volunteers is trained to visit schools in Lahore for conducting the Recycling workshops with school children of grade 8, 9 and 10. Students at these schools were taught and train to create recycled products such as key-rings, couch cushions, hanging wall pots for plants, table mates, resting pillows and converting towels in to plant Pots.

These activities which encompass a diverse set of creators and critics are essential to any community’s wellbeing and its economic and cultural vitality. At SSDF, we are proud not only to provide an appropriate platform to all stakeholders but also for engaging them to work collaboratively for showcasing our rich and fascinating artistic abilities.

Social Welfare Awareness and Sustainability:

Over the last decade, SSDF has conducted activities, seminars, exhibitions and advocacy campaigns with the core aim to create a realization about the vitality of giving something back to the community in terms of welfare. The range of several activities and events varies and this includes the bi-annual Blood donation camps in collaboration with the Sundas Foundation Pakistan, Creation of awareness for Thalassemia patients. We also believe and act for creating a well-aware generation on basic human right and taking progressive active initiative to promote humanity. We shouldered with various organisations on issues including the Pink Ribbon campaign for Breast Cancer awareness, painting exhibition to promote awareness for HIV patients.

Next on line, comes the widely spreading heart disease in country where a large chunk of population of both genders seems to suffer. SSDF took initiative in association of Shalimar Hospital in arranging open houses and seminars where people from different age groups were invited and made alert on Heart Diseases, its reasons, symptoms and precautions.

We believe in playing an active role that benefits not only us but the future generations and we also believe every baby step that we take to protect our eco system and our planet does count. It is our responsibility to take rigorous steps to participate in every healthy task as active member of societal community. We have worked with organisations like WWF Pakistan and Waste Busters to arrange Green days, Earth Hours and International Environment Days.

As part of the research initiatives, Organic colours and fabrics were introduced to work on by Textile design and Fashion design amateur artists. Their collections were showcased in Tajikistan and these were appreciated for highlighting the sustainable issues.

Green Pakistan:

We live in the times where the term ‘global warming’ is now new. A lot has been said, written and discussed and what is more important is to practically contribute in doing our bits. Planting trees for environment sustainability and promoting the importance for plantation to breathe clearer air is the need of the hour. As far as population growth and infrastructure development in Pakistan this a field which needs a lot of energy to be utilized. The other side of Green Pakistan is to also conduct future activities where preservation and saving of current natural resources is taken in account by SSDF.

The plea to plant 5000 trees was highly welcomed by local community. The campaign was initiated at SOS Village for Children and it shall be carried further after the current monsoon period. Team at SSDF has generously contributed and with few volunteers and organisations like KalamKaar, the campaign is on the swing on self-help basis. We wow to continue the campaign until 2020.