Sunday School
Sunday School

Sunday School for Child Labor


“Education is the most powerful weapon we have in order to eradicate poverty and to reform our generation”
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education SSDF’s Literacy Campaign Sundays School ONLY.


The SSDF Institute recognizes the pressing issue of child labor and emphasizes the importance of comprehensively addressing it. To effectively tackle this issue, we have established a “Sunday School for Child Labor” program. This meaningful initiative aims to provide children engaged in labor activities with a valuable opportunity to receive education, skill training, and personal development on Sundays, which inherently serve as their sole day off from work.

By offering this program, we aspire to break the cycle of child labor by equipping these young individuals with essential knowledge and skills, nurturing their talents, and thus fostering a brighter future for them. Moreover, our Sunday School for Child Labor underscores our unwavering commitment to cultivating a more just and equitable society, ensuring that every child has the chance to learn, grow, and thrive through accessible training opportunities.

As part of the Gender Equality program , SSDF extends the Sunday school initiative to both genders, promoting greater participation among females as well.


The staggering amount of kids pushed into poverty is 1 million, with 900 thousand children, including 300,000 under 5 years, facing severe poverty.


Outside School, Sunday Program offers:  NO age limit
  • Attractive annual stipend Rs. 12000
  • SSDF provides free education, which follows national curriculum
  • We offer Free classes for all 
  • to class 1- 5 with no school background
  • Free classes offered to kids who have some basic schooling
  • Free Lunches during school time
  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Free vocational training is on hand.

For registration please call us on 0322 4469020 from 9 am to 6 pm on working days.

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